- After all the merriment that took place since this morning in Denpasar, Bali, The NextDev 2018 Talent Scouting Pitching Deck phase finally entered its closing end. 20 finalists had delivered their best efforts to present their ideas before the reputable grand juries. These include Dennis Adhiswara (Founder & CEO of Layaria Network), Yoris Sebastian (Founder & Creative Thinker of OMG Consulting), M. Alfatih Timur (Co-Founder & CEO of, David Soukhasing (Head of ANGIN), Alamanda Shantika (Founder of Binar Academy), dan Denny Abidin (GM External Corcomm of Telkomsel).

Among those 20 finalists, three has been elected as the best start-ups for The NextDev 2018 Talent Scouting in Denpasar, Bali. Those selected three will have the right to compete at the Final Pitching phase in Jakarta by next October. Now, to name all of those three:

1. Diffago

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This start-up starts at 2018 and focuses on helping users with disabilities all over Indonesia to procure or fulfill their needs. The CEO and Founder, Ni Komang Ayu Suriani, states her goal is to offer a problem-solving app for the disabled, especially in terms of their education, mobility and accessibility problems. Further details or info about this app can be found in its official site,, or its social media accounts, @diiffagoid for Instagram and diffagodotcom for Facebook’s users.

2. FishGo

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This app is developed by one of students under Marine and Fishery Faculty, Udayana University. Before joining The NextDev 2018 Talent Scouting, local government of Badung regency has indeed shown its high interest as the app won the 2017 Innovation Festival. No surprise here, as the app, developed by I Gede Merta Yoga Pratama, does bear highly potential significant social impact to increase fishermen’s living standards. What it does is to pinpoint or detect fish-location and tell the fishermen where to spread their nets.

3. DietBuddy

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Diet is nothing sort of an easy job, especially when it is done individually. And for this reason alone, Alvin Hartanto, comes up with excellent idea to develop DietBuddy. The app simply wants to be a diet’s BFF for anyone willing to start their own dieting program. One can also take the app as their own personal ‘security guard’ that will help them monitor and close-watch their eating habits in order to successfully achieve their own goals.

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Akhirnya tahapan pertama Talent Scouting seri ketiga di Denpasar, Bali sudah rampung. Ini dia startup yang lolos ke babak selanjutnya. Simak videonya

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That’s all for the three winners. Yet, for the rest of 17 finalists, hope still looms the horizon. That’s because there is wildcard The NextDev 2018 Talent Scouting in Denpasar provides and is given to the best one of these 17 start-ups with highest potential development in the next future according to the grand jury decision. So as for now, keep the spirit high and don’t put the flame off just yet!

Selamat yah kepada startup yang lolos talent scouting Bali. Mereka adalah Diffago, Fishgo, dan Dietbuddy

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And for anyone wanting to join the next Talent Scouting in other cities, do immediately submit by visiting After Denpasar, the event will be held at Batam (July), Samarinda (August), Jogjakarta (September), and Jakarta in October as the Grand Finale.
Do prep your best, Folks!

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